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All About Spells – Magic 101

This post is all about spells! When discovering magical work and spell casting it is useful to consider the following questions; why do spells work and what are the operational principles used to make them work? What code of ethics should be observed? What are the dangers involved in casting love spells?

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All About Spells – Do Spells Work?

For many people, the notion of spell work and magic is easily dismissed as pure fantasy. These people see spells as not grounded in scientific fact and question the sanity of any person who believes in magic. In recent years, however, these attitudes have begun to shift as psychologists and scientists have begun to explore the immense power of the mind and its relationship to physical matter.

Many top athletes and business people profess to practise the art of ‘believing it before they see it’ as a way to shape reality and manifest desired outcomes. Is this not essentially the nature of magic and spell work? As a society, we are slowly beginning to accept that there is much more to reality than that which we are able to perceive with our physical being.

Spell work and magic is simply an extension of natural consciousness and there is no question that if done correctly with a clear focus, spells and magic do work

sportspeople focus
Top sportspeople know that winning is just as much of a mental game as it is a physical game. To believe you can win matters just as much as actually being super fast or strong. Magic works in the same way. Being able to focus strongly and set your intentions while believing that they will manifest is absolutely key.

Spells are simply a deliberate process for achieving the desired result. For spell work to be effective one should not dismiss rationality but rather, accept that there are many unexplored aspects of what we perceive of as reality. Inviting the unknown into our daily existence and accepting that we are able to directly influence our own experience of reality through specific and deliberate processes forms the basis of spell work and magic.

All About Spells hand amidst smoke
Yes, spells work! But the only way to know for sure is if you practice some for yourself!

All About Spells – What Code of Ethics Should be Observed Regarding Spells?

The ethics of spell working are not just an abstract notion of morality but rather form a set of principles which cannot be ignored.

Ignoring these principles will do long-lasting harm to the spell worker. Selfish, irresponsible, misaligned or malevolent spell work will always ‘bounce’ back to the spell worker. We call this the boomerang effect.

The code of ethics concerning spell work are:

  1. Never work to harm anyone
  2. Never work to manipulate anyone
  3. Never assume you know all of the factors involved
  4. Never work for your own gain at someone else expense
  5. Work your spells carefully and precisely so that you do not leave loopholes which may result in you breaking rules 1 – 4
witchcraft gif
Many people used to believe that Witchcraft was evil. While this may no longer be the case, this is definitely still a stigma attached to calling yourself a witch. Let’s work on changing this by being kind and understanding when people are rude about our craft!

All About Spells – Are Spells Dangerous?

The dangers involved in spell work concern the so-called ‘boomerang’ effect through which negative or misaligned spell work bounces back to harm the spell worker. In order to negate this, it is of utmost importance to practice spell work with clear and deliberate focus, paying heed to the code of ethics as set out in section.

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All About Spells – How to Cast Spells Successfully

A spell itself can be as simple or as complicated as the situation demands.

Either way, three things are essential in terms of its success; precise visualisation of an intent, willpower and, concentration.

Concentration is an ability built up by practice, whilst willpower speaks more about certain confidence in the fact that, if done properly, the spell will work. Both concentration and willpower contribute to the building up of magical power which is required for spell work to be effective.

Visualisation is not quite so simple and requires two aspects; the precise definition of the aim to be worked towards and clear visualisation of whatever images or symbols need to be kept in mind to achieve that aim. The aim itself should be expressed in words before you start. It should be stated clearly and precisely, in the language of a lawyer with no room for misinterpretations or loopholes. Be careful of how you word your spells!

galaxy GIF
Be as clear and precise about what you want as you can. Vague words or ideas can create a universe of possibilities when it comes to how to interpret them, which may result in a different outcome to what you were hoping for.

Spell work is most effective when aligned with natural forces. It is useful to consider the phases of the moon and the natural world in terms of when and how a spell might be cast. This is, however, not a requirement. It will simply help to increase the potency of a spell.

All About Spells
The moon is a powerful force which can help to increase the potency of your spellwork. Natural seasons and cycles can also be used to increase the success of your spell. By learning all about spells you will also learn all about the seasons and how to harness their power.

Letting go! To let go of the energy generated during spell work is extremely important. This will allow the intention and energy of the magic the freedom to work. Release the thought-forms you have created during your spell work with gratitude. Allow the energy to dissipate.

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All About Spells – Colours as they relate to magic and spellwork

  • White: Purity, innocence, expansion
  • Black: Restriction, limitation, binding, secrecy
  • Gold and Yellow: Creativity, activity, solar activity, the sun god
  • Silver: The moon, the moon goddess, the goddess in her winter/death aspect
  • Red: Fire, energy, desire, healing, passion, vigour
  • Orange: Intellect, leadership, communication, travel
  • Green: Nature, fertility, harmony, equilibrium, water, instinct, intuition
  • Blue: Love, sincerity, loyalty
  • Violet: Tranquility, the astral plane, the spirit colour
  • Brown: Concentration, loyalty, absorption of knowledge

All About Spells – Numbers as they relate to magic and spellwork

  • 1: Unity, the fundamental source, the ego, strength, purity
  • 2: Polarity, relatedness, cooperation
  • 3: Deity, the triple goddess, the arts, the family
  • 4: Balance, solidarity, law
  • 5: The four elements balanced and governed by the spirit, life, creativity, expansion, exploration
  • 6: The focal point of balance, the hexagram, homemaking, marriage, fruitful interaction
  • 7: Magic, psychism, time, space, distance
  • 8: Leadership
  • 9: Inspiration, compassion, healing, humour, regeneration
  • 10: Completeness, fulfilment, multiform manifestation

My dear ones! I hope this post has helped you learn all about spells and magic and whether it actually works. May all of your spells achieve for you the results that you desire and may you experience the joyful and loving life that is your birthright. With love and light always,

Blessed Be!