About Us

neon heart being held by person

Amythest and Amaria found each other through divine good fortune while drinking coffee one day in a cafe in Berlin. Both Amythest and Amaria have a keen interest in learning more about Wicca and Witchcraft so decided to start this journey together. As two solitary practitioners, both have different interests and ideas but collaborate often. Both have a love for the natural world and will often spend time together wandering around the many lakes of Berlin, collecting a mushroom here and there if lucky enough to find one.

Amythest is a force to be reckoned with and always has something positive to say. She loves to provide treats for her friends and is always on hand and ready to help if needed. If she’s not taking a yoga class or drinking an evening glass of wine with her flatmate, you’ll find her power-walking through the city, taking in as much of life as she possibly can. Amythest believes in the inherent goodness of people but isn’t one to have the wool pulled over her eyes. She’s as sharp as a tack and always has a pithy retort when bantering.

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Amaria has a fat, self-satisfied cat who enjoys meowing for food (even when she has a full bowl, gotta stock up in case times get tough right?) and a keen interest in cooking. While she would love a full herb garden, she lives in an apartment so is currently working on filling every spare spot with pots and window boxes full of herbs and plants. This irritates the cat who believes that any spare space is her space. Pots have been known to take tumbles due to “rogue” paws. Amaria loves her cat. As an avid reader, Amaria is often found with a book in hand, sometimes simultaneously stirring a cooking pot, but she might not admit to that if asked outright.

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