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A New Moon Ritual For New Beginnings

Are you ready to experience the divine magick of the new moon?

“Witches are freethinkers. Our beliefs are guided by personal intuition and insight, which means that they’re often wildly different from one person to another. This diversity of ideas is what makes the world of witchcraft the exciting place that it is—but there is one thing that unites almost all of us. And that thing is the moon.

We can learn to harness the power of the moon and use it to bring our will to life through the art of magick. The moon is always in flux, and by charting its monthly journey, we can align ourselves with its shifting energies” *

Align yourself with the moon’s energy by working some magick on during the new moon! The new moon presents the perfect time to practice some new moon magick! Below is one of my favourite new moon rituals, enjoy!

If you want to learn more about moon magick, check out this great moon magick grimoire we’ve created. Filled with tips, tricks and rituals along with beautiful illustrations, this grimoire is truly magickal. We’ve made it conveniently available in a digital format, because really, who wants to wait for shipping?

The new moon’s energy brings with it powerful cleansing and planning aspects. Work with this energy to attract new job opportunities, to start new ventures, and to take care of any personal cleansing and planning aspects you may have been ignoring! 😉

Suggested magickal workings for the new moon are:

  • Anything to do with new beginnings
  • Cleansing and purifying magick
  • Goal setting rituals
  • Planning and intention setting magick

Magickal attributes for the new moon include:

  • Banishing spells
  • Anything to do with releasing the old
  • Removing any unwanted negative energies
  • Tuning into our innate psychic abilities through divination such as tarot, scrying, or pendulum work

Transition into the new moon cycle by working with the powerful energy of the new moon to make plans, work banishing spells, and practice your cleansing and purification magick.

To get your started we’ve included a beautifully simple and effective new moon ritual for you below. This ritual’s focus is banishment, but take note, banishment should only be used to affect your personal energies and should not be projected onto other people. We suggest working this ritual to banish fears, negative thought patterns, or habits which you no longer serve you!

What you’ll need:

  • A black candle
  • A candle holder
  • Salt
  • A bell


✅ Cleanse your area and tools with smoke, visualization, or sound

✅ Set your black candle in its holder and carefully use your salt to create a circle around the base of your candle holder

✅ Light your candle

✅ Now take your bell and slowly walk around your candle in a counter-clockwise motion as you ring the bell 6 times

✅ Seat yourself in front of your candle and say out loud or in your mind “Hear me as I state my wish, (insert your specific banishment here) from my life I banish with this”

✅ Visualize whatever it is you wish to banish being completely extinguished from your life

✅ Now, snuff out your candle and close your ritual by taking the bell, walking around your candle (this time in a clockwise direction), and ringing the bell 6 times

Wishing you a wonderful week, with love and light from Berlin.

Amythest and Amaria


A New Moon Ritual For New Beginnings 1
Discover new moon magick and try out our easy to follow new moon ritual.