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A Magickal Self-Love Spell Jar

Our magickal instructions for creating a beautiful self-love spell jar

Hi Magickal creatures!

Lately, Amaria and I have been working a lot of jar spells! We both love jar spells because they are: super easy, effective and look cute!

Another cool thing about jar spells is that the actual jar becomes an amulet that you can carry with you or place it on your altar. I know for sure that if you were to check the contents of Amaria’s handbag right now you’d find at least one spell jar hiding in the bottom lol!.

This self-love spell jar is designed to infuse you with a deep sense of self love, to remove negative thoughts and to give your confidence a boost. Sounds perfect right?

Something both Amaria and I like to do before working this spell is to write down any negative thoughts we’ve been having about ourselves and to rewrite these into positive ones instead. For example, if one of the thoughts has been to do with body image we might write down “I dislike the way my stomach looks and how it makes me feel self-conscious”. We’d then take this negative statement and turn it into a positive affirmation like “I’m so pleased with the wonderful way in which my body always works to support me every day. I appreciate all parts of my body and I am feeling healthier every day”.

The next step is to create a small list of these postive affirmations and gather all of the ingredients needed for the spell jar.

Self-Love Spell Jar
Self-Love Spell Jar

Self-Love Spell Jar Ingredients

A small vial or jar.

Dried rose petals – to infuse your jar with the frequency of pure love

Pink salt – to cleanse the energy of your jar

Clear quartz – to amplify the magickal power of your jar

Dried lavender – to purify your magickal intention

How to Make A Self-Love Spell Jar

First of all lay out all of the above ingredients and cleanse each one by passing through some cleansing smoke. (Alternatively you can also cleanse your ingredients and tools with sound, with sunlight or with intense meditation).

Slowly start to fill each ingredient into the jar. As you do so, repeat the positive affirmations that you’ve written down and visualise the energy of each affirmation flowing through you and into the jar.

Continue to layer the ingredients and repeat your affirmations until the jar is filled. Now close the top of your jar and seal with pink candle wax as you continue to visualize the self-loving energy of each positive affirmation fill the jar.

Note: you might like to roll up your affirmations into a little scroll and place this into the jar too. Alternatively, you can burn or bury your affirmation sheet once you have completed the spell.

You might like to finish off your jar by decorating it with some pink ribbon or thread.

Thats it! Pretty cool right? I love to keep this jar in my bag when I’m out for important meetings or when I’m feeling a little down on myself. Every time a negative thought comes into my mind I reach for the jar and visualise it flooding my with a powerful energy of self-love and acceptance.

I really do swear by these cute little jars and the magick truly works if you believe that it will. Try it for yourself and test it. Even if your skeptical, make the jar, carry it with you and note the effects in your journal or Book of Shadows. I’m pretty certain you’ll start to experience some positive effects.