3 of Cups as Feelings for Someone

Cheers to Love: Unveiling the 3 of Cups as Feelings for Someone

February 14, 2024

I feel a deep, unspoken connection with you, like we’re two souls intertwined by a shared journey of growth and discovery. Your presence is a celebration of life itself, evoking a sense of joy, gratitude, and unity that fills me with warmth. Being with you reminds me of the richness of true companionship, where laughter, support, and love flow freely, creating a sanctuary of mutual respect and understanding. You are a reminder that in the dance of life, the most beautiful moments are those shared with someone who understands your rhythm.

Cheers to Love: Unveiling the 3 of Cups as Feelings for Someone 1

In the embrace of the Three of Cups, I feel an overwhelming sense of joy and connection that reaches into the depths of my soul. It’s as if my heart has found a kindred rhythm with theirs, creating a melody of laughter, understanding, and love that resonates through every part of our lives. This bond is more than a fleeting moment of happiness; it’s a profound celebration of our shared path, a journey marked by companionship and mutual support.

I feel an overwhelming sense of joy and unity when I’m with you, as if we’re celebrating the very essence of our connection with every shared laugh and moment.

I feel surrounded by a warmth that emanates from the core of our connection, a glow that highlights the richness of our shared moments. Every second spent together reaffirms the beauty of our friendship, reminding me that, amid life’s uncertainties, we’ve found a sense of belonging with each other. Our laughter pierces through the chaos of the world, a clear, resonant sound that speaks volumes about the strength of our connection.

I feel embraced by the warmth of our friendship, a comforting presence that fills me with happiness and a sense of belonging.

This feeling is a haven, a place where I am truly seen, understood, and valued for who I am. It’s the peace of knowing I have a place where I fit perfectly, where we fit together, in a landscape marked by mutual respect, empathy, and genuine affection. Our connection goes beyond the everyday, turning every shared experience into a cherished memory.

I am filled with gratitude for this bond, for the way it lifts me up and gives me strength. It’s a shared energy that feeds my spirit, encouraging me to grow and stand tall even when faced with challenges. This emotion is a celebration of our unity, a joyous acknowledgment that together, we are more resilient, more vibrant.

I feel uplifted by our bond, grateful for the support and love that flow so freely between us, enhancing every aspect of my life.

The essence of my feelings, captured by the Three of Cups, is a deep appreciation for their invaluable presence in my life. It’s an emotional resonance that fills me with light, a guiding star in the darkest nights. In the landscape of my life, their presence is a brilliant hue, coloring my world with the shared joy and love that binds us, making every moment a reason to celebrate the magic of our connection.

I feel invigorated by our collective energy, inspired to be my best self and to contribute positively to our circle.


Amythest is a true white witch spreading love and light wherever she goes. When she's not in the kitchen blending oils and baking delicious treats for her friends you can find her walking in nature, communicating with the great divine or, perched serenely atop her meditation pillow.

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